Unleash your child’s creativity through design

Play is important to a child’s development and learning because it involves physical, cognitive, imaginative, creative, emotional and social aspects. It is also a way for kids to express their desire to explore, experiment and understand. But in a world that is dominated by mobile phones, tablets, game consoles and computers, kids may not be able to develop their creative side properly.

Most parents know that it can be difficult to tell kids to put their electronic toys down and to go out and play or explore or express their creative sides. Avoid this early on by creating a space — whether it’s their bedroom or their playroom — that inspires and induces them to be creative, as a child’s environment can have a large impact on nurturing their imaginative side.

Here are some design tips to unleash the inner Picasso or Yayoi Kusama of your children:

Inspire colors

Colors inspire kids to be creative and will certainly spark some imagination in them. Use paint colors that are derived from nature such as green or blue.

Blue shades are ideal because it raises their ability to think creatively. Blue is always associated with the sky and bodies of water, and inspires openness, peace of mind and tranquility. And it is a cognitive color, meaning, it calms the mind, aids concentration and promotes clear and open communication. It also helps kids focus on creative tasks.

Green inspires enhanced creativity and sparks creative thinking, inventiveness and innovation. Green is also associated with renewal, restoring energy, abundance. So it is definitely a good color to use to inspire new ideas and enhance brainstorming.

Orange is another color that inspires creativity as it expands thinking and allows confident self-expression. This warm color is great for kids because it encourages confidence, extroversion and independence. Orange is a good wall color for playrooms, classrooms or study. The friendly nature of this color puts kids at ease and inspires communication and cooperation.

Purple encourages fantasy and mysticism and enhances the imagination. Purple shades are a good choice for art and music studios.

Another ingenious way to encourage kids’ creativity is to have a chalkboard wall. You can use either chalkboard paint or a flat black paint for this project. Allow it to dry for a few days before you get kids to start drawing in on them. Since kids love to draw and scribble (on walls), a chalkboard wall is a win-win solution for both kids and parents.

Make it thematic

Themes are also a great way to increase children’s creativity, just make sure it is fun and playful. Themes can be of their favorite book, movie, character or activity. If your child loves to perform, a room with a stage or theater can further enhance their imagination and acting skills.

You can also have their furniture matched with the theme to make their bedrooms more imaginative and a background for their adventures. If your child loves pretending that he is a pirate, why not get a bed in the shape of a ship or a bed that is in the shape of a car for your little racecar driver?

Bed linens, pillowcases and curtains can also help accomplish the themes you want to achieve. Even lighting. A table lamp not only lights up a room, but can also double as décor — like a lamp that is the shape of a favorite animal or a basic lamp partnered with a lampshade that complements the room’s theme. Night-light can also be in themed while helping keep things from getting too dark, especially in the bathroom and hallway.

Create an art nook

If you don’t want to commit to just one theme for their bedroom or playroom, you can draw pictures on the walls and let kids paint these in any colors they want. Allow them to paint a green dog or a pink cat and give them the freedom to paint outside the lines.

You can also cover walls with pieces of their drawings and scribbles. And to help kids create more of their artwork, dedicate a space for them to freely tinker, create and experiment.

Keep crayons, markers and pens, paints and paintbrushes organized with colorful cans and pails. Have a healthy supply of construction and drawing paper, as well as scissors, glue, glitter and googly eyes, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks and pieces of fabric. A pull-away cart or utility cart can be a storage solution if there are not enough desk space or shelf space.

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