Sweet September at Marco Polo Hotel’s Café Pronto

With the “-ber” season just beginning, Marco Polo Hotel’s Café Pronto gearing up for a sweeter and more indulgent season with its current selection of comforting and satisfying goodies.

Marvel in delightful natural ice cream flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla and top them off with treats of your choice — sprinkles, marshmallows or nuts — in either cup or crunchy waffle cone. One’s sweet tooth is also spoiled to satisfaction with sweet thick milkshakes with munchies on the top. Sour candies, gummy bears, and s’mores — go crazy with these creamy drinks!

Revel in sweet treats with the wonderful addition of nutty treats. For the love of nuts, Florentines, Maple Pecan Pie, Almond Cream Bun and Hazelnut Dragee are baked to your heart’s desire.

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