Must-dos before saying ‘I do’

Taking that leap of faith to get married is something that should never feel rushed and should be taken in all seriousness. While there’s nothing wrong with being romantic and being in love, there’s so much more to getting married than just the pomp and glamour. If you are already planning to pop the question or are in the process of planning your dream wedding, here are some additional must-dos to take in consideration.

 Settle everything before settling down

Do you have any existing loans or financial issues? As you’re always expected to be honest with your beloved — and vice versa — this means the two of you should also be honest about your current financial situation. Money problems can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, especially for married couples. It pays to keep expectations realistic before getting into a binding commitment.

If you have any outstanding loans, whether it be for a car, a new home or a credit card, you should always be honest with your soon-to-be-spouse. More than just a joining of two people in love, marriage is also a partnership that requires a lot of work, effort, faith, and of course, trust. Some people tend to forego telling their significant other such concerns as they are afraid, ashamed or don’t want to burden their loved one with their problems but married life would go more smoothly if it’s always based on mutual trust and honesty.

 Be romantic yet practical

Weddings have become big business these days as more couples are opening up to the idea of enjoying grander celebrations. Some even pull no stops when it comes to planning — and paying for their dream wedding. Again, there’s nothing wrong with being romantic or wanting a grand celebration of love but you also have to plan your wedding expenses well. If getting the “best” entails having to forego certain needs — like not having the money for a new home or worse, ending up in debt, then you must seriously reconsider what your priorities are.

Will not having a “grand” wedding make your love for each other less? The most important thing about having a wedding is that you love each other enough to commit to a lifetime of togetherness — for richer or poorer, for better or worse. But it’s still best if you don’t enter the marriage broke because you opted to splurge all your money on expensive bits and pieces. Set a realistic budget for your wedding, scout for the best wedding suppliers that fit your wedding budget, and just enjoy the whole process.

 Life after marriage

From settling past issues that may cause a concern in your marriage to setting realistic expectations for the actual wedding, it’s now time for you and your special someone to think about the kind of life you would want to have after. This is what would make up your life as a married couple anyway.

Some people like to prepare everything first before getting married. They save up for a house, a car, even for their future children’s college tuition. While this is ideal, not everyone has the luxury to afford all these things at the same time. There are definitely a lot of responsibilities that go with getting married. You are no longer just responsible for yourself; you’re now responsible for each other and your future family. Having a plan is always a good idea, and with everything else in your wedding preparations — keep things realistic, practical, and of course, honest. Love will last if the two people in the relationship are committed to making it work no matter the odds.

*Appeared on The Philippine STAR on June 28, 2016