What a millennial workspace looks like?

Celebrities Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico’s dream office is not your typical one. “Our priority was to contract someone that understood our vision and what we wanted to achieve with this space,” shared Heussaff in a special interview viewed exclusively by the media.

The brothers in law had definite ideas about what they want, so the logical choice for a contractor was Mundo Design and Build, a firm that is fast becoming the preferred contractor of professional millennials.

This generation has proven to be a powerful engine for change, they have influenced virtually every aspect of life and culture, particularly how people work and play, this has in turn profoundly influenced architecture and design, particularly in the workplace.

The typical new-age workspace is characterized by numerous communal areas, nooks and open spaces. The emphasis is on collaboration and comfort rather than privacy and function, and above all the concept of work-life integration, not work-life balance.

The thinking is simple, and elegantly logical: the 40-hour work week is inevitable, rather than working on keeping it at 40 hours a week as it is in the work life paradigm, the modern way of thinking about it, is to make sure those 40 hours are as enjoyable as possible, so that work actually becomes fun.

This is certainly the case with Hectare One. “I think it is a case in point, we bring our dogs here, we spend maybe way too much time at the office, more than we would in our respective houses. We wanted to create a space where, we can feel comfortable working and also comfortable socializing in,” enthused Erwan. “I think the space helps so much not only for our mission and vision and for what we want to accomplish but also when people come here, they actually want to work here, it’s a whole sense of belonging to the place, the whole Hectare One building plays a key role,” adds Nico.

Hectare One is impressive, it is done in the industrial style, but has a deliberately tasteful feel to it. It is casual, and not overtly opulent but you get a sense that every element, and every space was designed and built with a clear vision.

The Earth tones used in the office’s color pallet drive home the look the duo wanted: “Most of the businesses that operate here are agricultural, or based around food. So we thought: “Food or agriculture is talked about having hectares in mind.” That is why it is called Hectare One, the first hectare,” explains Erwan.

The office’s many communal spaces look more like modern living rooms than office lounge areas, and they are Erwan’s favorite design element: “It feels cozy, and we managed to replicate areas like this in the office with couches outside, the couch in the entrance where people can just relax and keep to their own and to have conversations that are not necessarily related to their jobs. I think all these communal spaces are probably my favorite.”

But even the duo’s private areas are inviting as Nico candidly admits: “I have to be very honest my favorite place is Erwan’s spot. I go there all the time, to chill, to relax and to try to trick him to eat lunch with me every day. It doesn’t work all the time, but I like his studio very much.“

As with any worthy endeavor though, building Hectare One was no easy task. More than simple order takers, Mundo Design and Build had to be there to give solid professional advice, something Erwan was very appreciative of: “So, every time we came around with suggestions, it was always met with: “Yes, BUT”, which I think is very important, because I hate working with people that just say yes to everything I want and then at the end of the day you realize that’s not really going to work; you need professionals to keep you in check.” He also added, “With Mundo, all the design ideas that we had or how we wanted it to look, it was always: “Okay, we can do that, but you might have problems with this, this and this.” It was a very realistic approach to building which I really appreciate.”

In the end, the office being touted as one of the coolest in the Philippines was well worth the work: “We have been here now for eight months. In Hectare One, both of us have felt an incremental jolt in our businesses, our everyday work habits, you know? We are always very excited to come to work, I, probably more than Nico, like to spend Saturdays and Sundays here alone, because this is just a peaceful place,” shares Erwan. To which Nico adds: “We are extremely satisfied I think, for both of us it was a game changer in our business. The moment we had Hectare One all our vision became realer.”

For inquiries, visit https://www.mundobuilders.com/ or call 8-MUNDO-8 (868-6368).