How to maximize small spaces

Today’s millennials and small families opt to invest in condominiums near office buildings and schools to save travel time. However, many of these condominium units are smaller than the traditional stand-alone homes. With the right mindset and by following these simple tips, any small home can feel welcoming, livable and efficient.

Utilize every inch of space available

Shelves are a great way to maximize the space available in a condominium unit. These can add storage or can be used to display trinkets and beloved collections. Add shelves above doorframes to fully maximize untapped spaces. Mount your TV on the wall to regain necessary floor space.

Invest on space-saving solutions

Instead of investing in bulky pieces, opt for leaner ones that have double-duty capabilities. Or consider getting furniture pieces that can be folded and stored away or to form another piece of furniture like a table that can be folded into a bench.

Divide and conquer

If you are one of those who do not like open-concept homes, divide the space using room dividers as these can add intimacy and privacy without closing up the space permanently. Bookcases are flexible as room dividers. Aside from dividing the space, it also adds storage spaces. A bookcase with no backing divides a room without blocking natural light.

Create optical illusions

Glass and mirrors can make small spaces look bigger and feel airy. Mirrors can make a space seem bigger by bouncing light around the apartment, while glass tabletops will give it a more open feel. Mirrored cabinet doors can also make a space feel larger.

Conceal and declutter

Keep tabletops simple, only put on display items that you use regularly. Everything else, store. You can also get furniture pieces that have storage capabilities. Ottomans can double as a coffee table, extra seating and even storage. Beds with pullout drawers are also great in hiding and keeping personal items.

Use colors cleverly

Neutral paint colors are always a good idea to evoke space into a small room. Contrast this with pillows and wall decors that have interesting colors, patterns and textures.

Go green

Sustainable living is becoming a norm nowadays, with more people becoming conscious of their carbon footprint. Practice living sustainably in small ways such as replacing paper napkins with cloth ones, printing documents on once-used paper, replacing disposables with reusable ones like food storage, shopping at thrift stores and garage sales and upcycling furniture.

Keep window coverings simple

Select soft-toned window treatments. Dark colors absorb light and can make a room look and feel smaller. Opt for curtains that are sheer or made from light and airy materials, to allow natural light and airflow in to the room. You can also hang your curtains high by mounting the rods close to the ceiling instead to make your space look bigger.

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