Feng Shui 101 with Master Judith Eugenio

When it comes to improving your home and living, it can be said Feng Shui is one of the more mysterious approaches out there. A Chinese discipline thousands of years old, Feng Shui seeks to harmonize you with your surroundings and enhance your lifestyle. How, you might ask? By analyzing elements, directions, dates–admittedly a study that may be confusing, even intimidating to follow. Luckily, Master Judith Eugenio, an internationally certified Feng Shui expert, shares her knowledge and expertise on the subject.

About the Master

Though based in Cebu, Master Judith Eugenio has traveled the world in her passionate pursuit of Feng Shui and found direct tutelage under Master Kevin Foong of Kevin Foong Feng Shui Academy & Consultancy in Singapore, where she’s now the Head Instructor Representative for the Philippines. Boasting a decade’s worth of practice under her belt, Master Judith offers her expertise through the Judith Eugenio Global Bazi & Feng Shui Consultancy, as well as on her various social media channels. Alongside her heartfelt goal to improve lives through Feng Shui, Master Judith aims to banish the misconceptions surrounding it as a superstitious and spiritual discipline–rather, it is a practical technique that can be learned by anyone with the drive for it.

A Different Approach

 Each master uses a different system in their practice of Feng Shui. According to Master Judith, most experts use the Flying Star system, but she herself applies the Emperor Landform and San He Feng Shui systems. The Emperor Landform system checks the external aspect in focusing on natural formations in relation to your home, while San He Feng Shui analyzes both the external and internal as it peers deeper with every consultation. While the Flying Star system is all about internal, the systems Master Judith uses together provide a complete reading of your living situation. These are the same systems Master Judith will use to get a grasp on how her brand of Feng Shui is applied to better one’s life.

Lay of the Land

Before perusing inside a home, Master Judith first takes a look at its location. Using programs such as Google Earth and Maps, she pinpoints an address and determines its situation in terms of its surroundings. Are there natural formations like mountains and rivers nearby? What’s the quality of the earth and water there? What lies between these areas and your home? These are essential questions to ask to find out the quality and quantity of qi that enters your home–and the Emperor Landform system answers them all.

According to this system, location and environment impacts your home’s cosmic shape, and ultimately your lifestyle. Proximity to mountains affects your relationships and health, while closeness to rivers determines the wealth and opportunities that will come your way. For instance, to properly tap into their energies, mountains North of your home and water to the East will be the best options. Of course, it should be remembered that too much of one thing is just as bad as having too little. Balance is key, so the ideal location would have just the right distance between your home and these natural formations.

Alongside distance, the quality of these formations also has a big impact. Naturally, clean waters and fertile earth would yield the best quality qi to invite inside. Though, mind the path between these formations and your home. Passing through places like factories and landfills degrades qi, giving it a bad quality by the time it comes through your door.

Master Judith tells also shares that the Emperor Landform and San He External Feng Shui systems are the strongest approaches out there. With these techniques, the right location to invite the best qi is easy to discover the right changes to improve one’s current lifestyle.

Inner Workings

 Turning away from the outdoors, Master Judith also uses the San He Internal Feng Shui system to facilitate balance inside the home. It looks at three key features: the main door, the stove, and the bedroom. Put these in the right places and the home will surely be able to tap into the energies gathering outside, as determined by the Emperor Landform and San He External systems. Though, of these three features, the proper positioning of the main door is the most crucial. Qi only enters the home through this main entrance. Make sure to place it in the sector of the home that conforms based on the external landform, going with the flow rather than against it. This ensures that wealth and opportunities brought over by water or mountains will be guaranteed to make it inside.

If these key features weren’t built in their ideal positions, Master Judith provides the fix of tilting them to successfully access the qi outside. Unlike other systems might require, the San He Internal Feng Shui system doesn’t need you to buy ‘cures’ like accessories or ornaments to encourage qi or refine the balance within your home.