ALESSI presents The Five Seasons scents

Italian design brand Alessi has dealt with the concept of home fragrances since the ‘80s, with the purpose of reintroducing the scents of nature to provide people and homes with the joy of the outdoors.

Just recently, ALESSI launched its newest home fragrance series called The Five Seasons by renowned Dutch designer Marcel Wanders.

Marcel Wanders took to heart the words of Alberto Alessi in his design for the collection, who said that “true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against common thinking.”

This is the very core of why the home fragrances collection aims to bring about inspiration and emotion through perfumed candles, laser-decorated wood lids, candle snuffers, and porcelain diffusers that feature stylized leaves in mahogany wood, bearing delicate and intricate forms; but by the scents themselves, designed to express the cycle of the day, of the year, and of one’s life.

Wanders clearly explained in one of his statements the reason for calling this collection The Five Seasons: “There is something magical about the way a fragrance can transport you to another place in time. The seasons in nature so perfectly align with our own life cycle, which is why we designed these scents to engage the soul as to embrace you in a transcendent, transformative way.”

The first of the collection is called BRRR, named for the season associated with frozen and crisp scents. The offering is cool and bright that reveals notes of bergamot, lily of the valley, and musk.

Next in the collection is AHHH. This Spring-inspired scent radiates a delicate, fresh herbaceous scent with notes of cardamom, hyacinth and vetiver.

For those longing for summer, the collection has HMMM that exudes rich, vibrant notes with bold elements of fig and red fruits, with hints of woody notes.

GRRR that represents Autumn, provides a more intense, smokey, complex scent that is sensual and gives off a mix of incense, cedar wood and tree moss.

Lastly, the fifth and special fragrance of the collection that envelops one in eucalyptus, rose and patchouli is SHHH. It features a spiritual bouquet that connects one’s mysterious inner dimension.

Alessi is located at Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt 5 and The Gallery Ayala Cebu. Follow @alessiphilippines on Instagram.