5 must-haves for your tiny kitchen

Houses become smaller as the world grows busier. Over the years, we have warmly embraced convenience and the thought that the kitchen is just another room to clean. Since we barely have time to prepare meals, dropping by restaurants, cafeterias, and drive-thrus have become part of our routines. Before you give up on your teeny tiny kitchen and cooking altogether, know that there are plenty of tools or gadgets that will help you maximize your time and space while enjoying freshly cooked meals and healthy lifestyle.


If you believe that life begins after coffee, Nanopresso should be your kitchen must-have.

For a high-quality espresso, all you need is ground coffee, hot water and the power of your hands to produce up to 18 bars of stable pressure during the extraction process. The portable espresso coffee machine brews aromatic cups of coffee with quality and dense crema layer.

Philips all-in-one cooker

Time flies too fast that we are now discouraged to multitask. Today, monotasking is said to be an efficient way to get things done. However, this doesn’t mean we have all the time in the world to effectively tick off tasks on our to-do list.

To make quality and delicious meal in a few minutes, opt for multipurpose appliances. Philips’ innovative all-in-one cooker system can slow cook, pressure cook, and multicook with its Soup, Risotto, Rice, Steam, Meat or Poultry and Manual direct menu buttons.

 Happycall Jumbo Grill Double Pan

It’s quite risky to cook your favorite seafood inside a tiny apartment as the fishy smell could stick or linger. The Happycall Jumbo Grill Double Pan may save you from this trouble and the looming mountain of dishes on the sink.

To cook a meal, heat both sides of the pan, put in all the ingredients, secure the magnetic lock on the handle, and occasionally stir or toss. Its nonstick coating and magnetic lock technology allow you to conveniently mix the dish without splattering or using too many utensils.

Its silicone seal and built-in magnetic lock keep the heat, flavor, moisture and odor, giving you a more tender and juicer food.

Cuisinart Steam Oven

The Cuisinart Steam Oven has combined the functions of an oven, toaster, steam, and broilers, letting you make magic right on your narrow countertop.

The Convection steam oven has nine functions that allow you to quickly steam rice and vegetables; bake cakes and other pastries; or roast chicken 40-percent quicker than conventional ovens.

Blueair Air Purifier

Staying indoors does not mean you are safe from pollutants. Several studies have revealed that products, candles and frying food are few of the many causes of indoor air pollution.

To help secure your tiny pad, Blueair Pro M is an elegant and small air purifier. It features Particle filter, SmokeStop filter and HEPAsilent technology to remove pollen, dust and smoke silently and without taking too much or removing the aesthetics of your home.

Bring back the fun in the kitchen no matter how small it is. Check out this space-saver and multipurpose kitchen appliances at True Value stores nationwide.